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The game of paintball is never complete without a person operating a paintball sniper rifle. Any great paintball team will usually have a designated sniper. It always seems as though the team with the best sniper is the winning team. When the opponent finds out you have a sniper rifle, they just cringe; it allows an extra advantage for your  team.  The designated sniper man must also be an expert at concealing himself, a sort of paintball “Rambo”. As important as the marker is, the gear and makeup of a sniper’s apparel is of equal value.

Make opponent paintballers pink mist!
Just think of yourself behind the barrel of that gun. You're laying down in the brush with your camouflage covering your body, face painted to blend into the grass, mask covered in grass, head covered up with leaves, eyes peeled for any movement in the bush. You feel like a snake laying there just waiting for the prey to make a move. It’s so quiet you can hear your heart beat. Not a sound comes from yourself but, you hear something over 300 feet away behind a tree so you look through your scope of the  rifle and there it is! Your buddy's “rear end” sticking out from behind a tree because the tree is not wide enough to cover him. You put the crosshairs on that target and POW! As he jumps out from behind the tree to surrender, he never knew what hit him. And he still doesn’t know where you are. Put yourself in that scenario, then you can realize the fun of a paintball sniper rifle!

Sniper rifle types

There is a wide variety of sniper rifles available today. They duplicate real war guns. Most come equipped with long barrels for longer range shooting accuracy, with even somewhat of a rifled barrel to allow the paintball to spin. That creates more distance and accuracy. You can also make a regular marker into a sniper rifle by adding a different barrel.

Want to be like the movies? Add a laser site to it along with a good quality scope. You can get as elaborate as you wish, pump action markers or bolt action markers too. Generally, those types of sniper rifles are preferred for their better accuracy.

Paintball strategy and tips
Throughout the pages of the site you'll find more strategy and tips. Included are:

Some tips on buying a sniper rifle?
You’ll need one that has a fairly quick reload time, smooth firing, and very accurate. The old rule of thumb comes into play here, you usually get what you pay for. You can expect to pay anywhere from $150 low end to way over $1000 for a high end sniper rifle. After choosing a gun, you should also look into buying camouflage for the rifle. You wouldn’t want to be all concealed , only to have your paintball rifle sticking out. For those paintball players out there who are serious, the ammunition is even more technical now. You can buy balls that look like golf balls for added airflow for distance, perfect for the sniper. Some come with powder or water in them as well. The water munitions are used for law enforcement or military purposes.


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