Air compressors for paintball
In the comprehensive online paintball store you'll find a variety of suppliers of mostly new paintball compressors and related parts including CO2 chargers and more.

Buying a paintball air compressor
When buying a paintball air compressor be sure that it has been properly inspected. New compressors are the proper way to go, of course, as they can go up to five years without requiring inspection and maintenance.

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Air Compressor System Maintenance
Here's a great video on air tank maintenance that any paintballer can do, although as the video's author notes, most maintenance must be done by a professional. (Note that the video is from 2006-7.)

For a small store or a paintball field, there are start-out paintball air compressors ideal for your requirements. These will be sized in the range of two DOT approved 4500 psi air storage tanks. While this is not suitable for all day paintball tourneys, this set up ideal for groups of Saturday afternoon friends, small to mid size fields and even some small tournaments. You can search though our listings yourself or search for 4500 psi paintball tanks.

For the field, especially one where you might have a bit of haul to get out there, you will want lightweight and convenience. Scuba sized tanks are ideal for this situation. While these are not terribly different from those described above. Find SCUBA sized paintball tanks below.

Complete air stations on wheels are ideal for large teams of serious paintballers. In fact this is the set up recommended for homeland security or police teams. These come with electric motors and a variety of other heavy duty air station accessories. In our store you'll find a wide variety of paintball air omcpressor brands including Bauer, Ninja and Aqua.

View parts and accessories for large compressors or search through the listing here.

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