Bolt action sniper rifles

Bolt action paintball sniper rifles ought to be inferior to their semi-automatic cousins which are newer, faster and by their nature more efficient. So why are they still in demand? Why do people prefer the bolt action sniper rifle?

There are a number of reasons for this:

  • they can be lighter and easier to clean,
  • fans of the bolt action claim that it is more accurate
  • the cool, “badass” factor.

Why not?
There are a number of reasons why you would choose a semi-automatic instead of a bolt action rifle, including some very simple points. Bolt action rifles are really an early 19th century technology and were replaced by and large with semi-automatic firing which is quieter, faster and way more efficient. There is one commonly perceived disadvantage to semi-automatic paintball rifles, that they may gum up a bit easier. But even this can be remedied by simple field cleaning once in a while.

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Detractors also note that the bolt action makes a soft click when you slide the bolt into place; this sound can inadvertently give away your position to other opponents who may be nearby as you snipe someone far away. In general, in many people’s opinion, the true appeal of the bolt action rifle is its ‘cool’ factor. There is something to be said for the accuracy of these rifles especially over distance but this factor is really always in dispute.

How the bolt action works
For those interested in considering the differences, look at how the bolt action works. The bolt is a tube of metal inside the paintball sniper rifle’s firing mechanism. At one end of the tube there are lugs that lock the bolt in place. Most often in paintball rifles, the bolt will be a lever that slides up then backward (often called a manual turn bolt) to facilitate loading. Typically you will load a mag or tube of six pellets then release and reload the bolt to slide a new pellet into place after each firing.

Since the loading is cleaner, there are less problems with gumming around the inside of the barrel.

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