Paintball Guns

Aside from the sniper rifle, paintball guns come in a wide variety of other models. How do you know which one is right for you? In the same way that the US Army assigns roles to men and women based on their abilities, skills and interests, it's best to have roles assigned by an objective body or individual. Players should have some say, but it's best if you know your team well and know which paintball gun they ought to be using and which tactical role each team member ought to be assigned.

Take a look at paintball guns and skills required to best use those in team management:

Paintball rifles are more fun and more intimidating to hold onto, but as in all warfare, this gun offers a slight disadvantage in terms of firing time. In fact, many experts would argue that there is no real advantage to carrying a rifle in paintball combat. Their big advantage in terms of real arms is that they pack a bigger punch but this does not apply in one-shot-one-kill paintball. For novices and experts alike there is no better paintball rifle imaginable than the Semi-Auto Spyder from Kingman. This rifle is ideal.

The paintball sniper rifle is ideal for the patient marksman who knows how to lay still and wait for the ideal opportunity to take out key opponents. As in all warfare, the sniper needs to be tactical about who he takes out without risking giving away his position. It's best to target the other team's most dangerous players and remove them from the game by sniping them. If you know someone who has the right camo – gillie suit anyone? – and the steady hand and patience to snipe properly, that's your best bet. In order of priority, pick a sniper with steady hand, patience then proper gear. It's all about the "kill unaware" that creates the most satisfying pink mist (assuming you're using red paintballs!)

Paintball machine guns offer a spray of pellets certain to eradicate enemies. To some this might seem like a can't miss, but a wise team leader will choose his or her paintball machine gunner with care. The magazine is still finite and you want to make sure that you maximize kills. A tactically wise paintball machine gun man (or woman) will use senses and sense to maximize kills. Ultimately you're looking for a posse of opponent paintballers who can be taken out en masse. In other cases, you might look for isolated but fast runners requiring a spray of pellets to take them down before they are able to turn and fire back.

Paintball pistols are ideal for speedy guys and gals who aren't the most accurate shooters. In close combat, there's no better way to take out an opponent than with a quick draw hand gun. That said, there is still a lot of variety to be found among paintball pistols in terms of loading, speed and accuracy.

For the novice, there is probably no better gun imaginable than the Kingman Training Chaser.

As a team leader, if you lose your paintball machine gunner, you lose a major weapon on your squad so choose wisely, as you should do for all roles on your paintball team.

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