Gun Barrels

Replacement paintball gun barrels are a requirement for the serious paintballer and there's no better way to find the right one. Paintball Sniper Rifles offers easy listings from stores across the country who use eBay, the web's trusted peer-to-peer seller, to sell products and find deals.

Search through the listings here to find the best deals on paintball gun barrels or below the listings, find advice on buying and maintaining paintball gun barrels.

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Gun Barrel Care & Maintenance
You'll need to clean your paintball sniper rifle barrel or gun barrel on a regular basisi – preferably at least after evey match in order for you to get the maximal usage out of it.

To clean the barrel you'll need:

  • paintball gun oil or similar cleaning agent
  • a squeegee, gun barrel snake or sponge
  • cleaning towel

How to clean the paintball sniper rifle barrel or other marker barrel:

  • Remove the air source from the sniper rifle or gun
  • Remove the barrel from the gun or rifle then run the squeegee or snake through the barrel to remove immediate paint, marker bits, grit and dirt, etc.
  • Clean the vertical feeder (the hopper inlet) thoroughly as well
  • Use the gun oil now and clean key pieces of your paintball gun and barrel. Turn your paintball gun or sniper rifle upside down and drop some spots of oil into the trigger mount, where the trigger attaches to the gun body. Squeegee or sponge excess and dab inside as far as you can get, perhaps with Q-tip ensuring that you lose none of the cotton batting inside the trigger mount.
  • Put a few drops on the firing bolt and do the same as you did for the trigger mount.
  • Squeegee or sponge every part you've dabbed with oil and examine the barrel and the gun to ensure that you have cleaned it as well as it deserves.

And that's about it, that's how to maintain and clean the barrel of a paintball gun or rifle.

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