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Paintball guns: maintenance
Paintball guns are clean and simple machines designed for one thing: taking opponents out. As machines they have numerous components that all work together for that end result. The better that you maintain each component of all your paintball guns the more accuracy you will have and the more success you will have in your paintball matches. This will also lengthen the life of your paintball gun.

Here are some straight tips on maintaining your collection of paintball guns:

1) Squeegee all your paintball guns and barrels as often as possible. If you are out in the field for an afternoon or a day, clean the weapon in between each match. Unscrew the barrel and clean it after any shot where paintballs have been broken inside the gun barrel.

2) Ideal storage for paintball guns is vertical with the barrel pointed down. This will allow all moisture, dust and other excess to drain out of the paintball gun's barrel. If you are playing in wet conditions this is doubly or triply true, of course.

3) Oil the hammer of your paintball gun as often as possible. Ideally, you do this after every match or game. A good rule of thumb: lubricate at least once per hour. (I know, I know, that's what she said.)

Taking great care of your paintball marker/gun greatly extends the life of the weapon, increases your accuracy and effectiveness and thus makes the game of paintball all that much more fun, when you are winning.

Now go out there and.... Take Them Down!

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