Paintball Gear

As with any hobby or sport that you participate in, the gear you use is also important to the game.

has a wide range of choices. Of course it goes without saying that the paintball gun you choose is number one. Make sure it is comfortable to handle and fits the need of your game, whether it be short range, long range, rapid fire, single shot, or sniper.

Paintball masks are the main safety protection. Since it will be worn all the time, it is important to get a decent one that is comfortable. A quality mask will have adequate ventilation to prevent fogging and heat buildup.

The clothing is usually camouflage but it may be advisable to wear something under it to minimize the bruising when your hit. Yea, you don't think it will be you, right.  Since paintball is a running game, get a good pair of running shoes, boots may be to heavy and less agile.

Vests are an addition to paintball gear if you choose. You never can have too much protection.

Also consider possibly a first aid kit, extra batteries, rags to wipe your clothes of the paint, and plenty of water. Just remember that it is for fun and being safe is important.

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