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The paintball rifle sniper and the spotter working together
In real warfare, the sniper and spotter are a team, each role critical to the survival and efficacy of the other; does that carry over to paintball? Is there room in paintball for a sniper rifle team? In a modified sense, a sniper-spotter relationship can be just as effective in paintball as it is in real warfare.

The obvious difference between paintball sniping and warfare is that a regular sniper has a much longer range and can thus have more room for error. Since paintballs are much more susceptible to wind change than bullets and with a true range never longer than a hundred feet, you need to guard your own position very well. This makes camouflage, silence and patience critical. But that also makes the role of the spotter just as important in paintball as it is in regular warfare.

Serve the paintball sniper rifle
In a sniper-spotter team, the two players must act as one. The Small Arms Remote Target System (SARTS) of the US Marine Corps puts it this way: "the sniper rifle is a crew-served weapon." If you can adopt that same attitude toward the paintball sniper rifle you might form a truly "winning" combination.

The spotter, then, is just as critical as the sniper although the spotter's job is more complex and in traditional sniper teams, the spotter is often more experienced and wiser. SARTS advises, "Let the spotter be the steering wheel to the sniper's gas pedal." The spotter's responsibilities are not only to watch the target and to view the entire field but also to judge the wind (just as important in paintball, of course), to call the shot then follow it to see where it lands and communicate to the sniper clearly, quickly and effectively any corrections required. The spotter knows when to talk (often, if softly) and when to shut up and in an ideal scenario, the sniper and the spotter form one mind. The spotter should be almost as good at sniping as the sniper so as to fully understand the nanosecond-by-nanosecond process of effectively taking out a target.

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