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Paintball rifles give you long range without the encumbrance of a sniper rifle. Automatic or semi-automatic loading offers you a nice compromise between the accuracy of larger paintball rifles and smaller handguns. Some of the best rifles combine light weight with long range accuracy, if you are the kind of player who likes to risk the long shot. (These are intensely pleasurable when you take someone out who has no clue where you came from.)

Are you ready for rifle man status? Paintball rifles offer an obvious tactical advantage over markers and smaller tournament guns as long as you are well suited to be the rifleman. You can shoot farther and take out disadvantaged targets. The key to being a great rifleman is to develop a strong sense for when to be in movement and when to be in position to take that perfect shot to eliminate enemies.

Our three most popular rifles
Here are the three most popular paintball rifles on Amazon this week:

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When choosing a paintball rifle, choose one that offers a practical balance between excellent accuracy with lightness in weight.

Beyond those practicalities, you want to make the rifle personal. You can do this after you purchase, but buying the name brand, the style and look that "feels" right to you is also important, along with adding the right mounts and side features. Take your time browsing and look around until you find the paintball rifle that speaks to you, "I'm the right gun."

This can come in one of many forms, of course. There are military style replica paintball rifles, if that's your thing. Especially during times of war, paintballers can feel a sense of brotherhood with those who are fighting for their lives and for the ideals we are living. (This includes the freedom we are enjoying as we do things like play paintball.)

We recommend thinking this through, though. If you buy or even customize your paintball rifle so that it looks like an AK-47 or an M-16 this might look cool, but is it really going to be practical for paintball. A paintball rifle is, of course, significantly different from a real rifle in the way it operates. It's meant to be light, to project a very light marker as opposed to the rifles used in real battle. You can make a paintball marker look a little bit like the real weapon you have in mind without going too far overboard.

Paintball rifle customizations
After purchasing, you can customize your paintball rifle as much as possible. Camo options, barrel mounts, customized components are just a few of the ways you can make your rifle your own. Beyond these, though, you can let your imagination run wild, just don't weight down your rifle too much. After all, you want to be able to take those tangos down, right?

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