Paintball Sniper Barrel

Paintball sniper rifle barrels
If you already have a paintball marker, then it would be easy to add a paintball sniper barrel to it. Whether you make your own or buy one is up to you. If your anything like me, I want to be on the field shooting rather than trying to play "gun maker".

As a sniper you may want to consider getting a rifle that has the option to add a magazine to it instead of a hopper.The magazine may not hold as much ammunition but is much more like the real thing. It also is a little easier to conceal.

How important is the length of the barrel? Well my personal opinion would be 18" to 20". If you need it shorter then make sure you get the rifled barrel for better accuracy. As a matter of fact, it would be a good idea at any length. Sometimes you only have one or two shots before your location is revealed so that shot needs to count. When using a scope the rifled barrel is necessary for accuracy.

One added benefit of the longer barrels is the sound. It will act as a silencer, maybe not as much as the regular silencers but enough to make a difference. That could be an important part of being a sniper. Sight and sound are the two main aspects of the role. The barrel needs to be camouflaged just as the rest of the gun.

When looking for a sniper barrel , keep these ideas in mind and remember that it usually is better to buy a gun suited for the add on barrel than try to adapt one that isn't meant for one.

Sniper Rifle

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