Sniper Rifle Teams

The paintball sniper rifle becomes the centerpiece of a team, whose other members are the sniper and the sniper's spotter.

The paintball rifle is maintained by the sniper so it remains accurate. Then it's up to the sniper and spotter to improve constantly. Ideally they train together and practice together during off-game times.

sniper and spotterHow they become a perfect team:

Positioning: An ideal sniper team positions themselves in a way that is genuinely uncomfortable for most people; some might find this positioning embarrassing. But who cares. Anyone who laughs at you is probably already out of the game because your team has taken them down.

The best positioning is to have the spotter directly over the rear of the sniper and off to one side only slightly; this is the ideal position to watch the trace of the paintball and to never lose sight of the shot. Even in paintball, markers can get lost in the bushes behind the target or fall into long grass, so following the shot is as important in paintball as it is in regular warfare.

Communication: The paintball sniper rifle team must understand each other perfectly ("two men, one mind.") Practicing calls – coming up with a mutually understood language is one crucial aspect of team communication. Ideally, the spotter calls out conditions in an order that is pre-arranged. For example, the target is named, the sniper replies when he has acquired the target. The sniper identifies the range then the spotter calls out the wind conditions (a "wind call"). The sniper signals or tells when he is READY then the spotter scopes the target and when it is right, calls out a SEND message. Most importantly, if the target is missed the spotter communicates perfectly to the sniper where the marker landed in relation to the target.

Calling the wind. For a paintball rifle sniper team spotter to call the wind can take a lot of practice unless the spotter is already trained (say, with some military training). The spotter will watch leaves and grass to gage the strength and steadiness of wind speed and gusting. Understanding wind patterns or rhythms is key to an excellent spotter or giving the sniper a mark to watch (ideally, the other team's flag in a traditional match of capture the flag, for example.) Practice helps a spotter to judge the wind and also to know his or her limitations in spotting and optimizing his or her role in the paintball sniper rifle team.

Watch a sniper and spotter in action:

Brilliant sniping is all about patience!

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