Sniper Strategy

You've got your paintball sniper rifle, you've got the perfect spot and the perfect setup, now what are the things that you need to avoid? Here's a look at all the things that can go wrong with a paintball sniper rifle, and how to avoid these problems, all of which center around having your cover blown and getting taken out of the game by an enemy barrage of markers.

This can happen for a number of reasons. The biggest is that you do not take out the target and he or she is able to rally and take you out, perhaps with another team member. Obviously, you have to be the best marksman and you need to take the best shot you can get. Don't be too antsy, that is. You also need to keep your rifle as clean as possible and use a molded barrel that spins the paintball for highest accuracy.

Paintball Sniper Teams
A strategy that is not used often enough in paintball sniper strategy is the use of a spotter or even a second roving spotter for wider field protection (not truly a sniper spotter per se). If your sniping skills are worth protecting, this can be an excellent strategy to take out the other team's key members. The spotter can keep a watch over a broader range of the battle field while the sniper and help protect you in a firefight if enemies take a run at you, should your position be given away.

Sun glint: the sniper's Achilles heel
Another way that your cover can get blown is because sunlight catches the barrel or the scope lens of your paintball sniper rifle. This seems like the simplest thing to deal with, yet it is the Achilles heel of snipers throughout history. You can cover your barrel of the scope with camouflaging or anything to dull the glint of the light but the real problem is the convex lens of the scope.

A hood can do some help to alleviate this problem but you need to be aware of this as you move the rifle around or best of all simply do not move the rifle. Keep the scope pointed downward if you have to move around and try to be mindful of sunlight as you move the rifle into firing position.

Tell us about your paintball sniper rifle strategy in the comments below.

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