Semi-automatic rifles

Semi-automatic paintball sniper rifles are the most popular choice, over the bolt action sniper rifle. Semi-automatics are faster, easier to use and reasonably more popular. In the game of paintball there is no great advantage in accuracy, as it is not like you are unaffected by wind or are taking out targets that are half a mile away. Some still argue that the semi-automatic paintball sniper rifle’s decreased accuracy is a factor, though. The advantages are many and the contention here is that the real appeal of the bolt action paintball rifle is just the cool factor of pulling the bolt and clicking it back into place. Maybe, being cool is what playing paintball is about for some people but so should be surviving!

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The semi-automatic paintball sniper rifle is easier and obviously faster at loading the next round and taking the next shot. When it comes to regular sniper rifles, the action of the semi-automatic is a superior, later technology… and all of the factors apply when the gun is a paintball sniper rifle. In fact, the perceived advantage of the bolt action – increased accuracy – is less a factor when it comes to playing paintball.

All of these factors make the semi-automatic paintball sniper rifle the more obvious choice, even though we get a ton of people coming here searching for bolt action paintball sniper rifles.
Some of the best reviewed semi-automatics are:
The Tippmann X7 Sniper Rifle: this is a semi automatic designed for long range accuracy. This paintball sniper gun ships with a 9X power scope and the manufacturer purports it to be accurate up to 600 yards.

The T68 UDSF Paintball Sniper Gun is ideal for small field, fast action play and the big bonus with this gun is that it looks incredibly realistic. Want to be a badass? Take out bolt action opponents while they are busy feeling awesome (if not, being awesome, that is) cocking their bolts and eventually wiping paint off themselves and leaving the field.

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