Spyder Rifle Reviews

Spyder and Tippmann compete for the title of best paintball sniper rifle maker on the market. These are the two manufacturers that produce paintball smiper rifles year after year and look to up the paintball game on each other with every new marker and rifle each company produces. Spyder occasionally beats Tippmann in customer reviews and ratings, too. And Spyder is ofen priced a bit more competitively.

Here we look at reviews of Spyder's paintball sniper rifles and some related markers from Spyder. The MR1 Tactical Paintball Sniper Set from Spyder is one of the highest rated sniper rifles you can find. SOme highly rated and well reviewed (and closely related) Spyder paintball markers are the Stormer and the Sonix Semi-Auto Paintball Marker.


The Spyder MR1 Tactical Paintball Marker Gun SNIPER SET has a customer approval rating of 90%. The vast majority of paintballers who have purchased this are extremely happy with their purchase. Things they liked: the completeness of the sniper rifle set and the gun's actual accuracy and speed.

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The Spyder Paintball Stormer, Matte Black has some very emphatic reviews and a couple that are lukewarm but the total number of reviews so far is actually a low number (3) so it's difficult to generalize from that. As more reviews come in for this gun, we will adjust the score.

Given the quality of Spyder paintball gear, we expect its rating to rise.

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Spyder's Sonix Semi-Auto Paintball Marker (in Matte Titanium) gets a straight A rating.

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